March Special

The northern lapwing (Vanellus vanellus)

… is a short-distance migrant

Measuring 28 – 31 cm in length, the northern lapwing is roughly the same size as a pigeon. It breeds in treeless, sparsely vegetated areas, feeding primarily off insects and worms. These birds, which belong to the plover family, can be found in wetlands, by lakes and streams, and on cultivated land.

Northern lapwings do not fly very long distances, migrating to France, Spain and north-west Africa in small ocks. Around 80 pairs still breed in Vorarlberg.+

For birdwatching you’ll get free of charge binoculars from Swarovski!



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3 nights in a double room

Delicious buffet breakfast

1 wellness basket for hire, with bathrobe, slippers and towels

1 free hired bike (KTM)

1 dinner & casino voucher

1 homemade gift

Price per person €314,00

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