February Special

The whooper swan (Cygnus cygnus)

… is a short-distance, diurnal and nocturnal migrant

This bird measures between 140 and 160 cm from beak to tail, with a wing span of between 205 and 235 cm. It breeds on northern tundra and woodland lakes, and feeds on plants. Whooper swans spend the European winters on the coast and by inland lakes, stretching as far as the northern edge of the Alps, including the Rhine Delta.

This elegant bird is primarily visible, and its trumpeting call audible, in Vorarlberg from December to February.

For birdwatching you’ll get free of charge binoculars from Swarovski!



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3 nights in a double room

Delicious buffet breakfast

1 wellness basket for hire, with bathrobe, slippers and towels

1 free hired bike (KTM)

1 concert at the Kulturverein Kammgarn in Hard

1 homemade gift

Price per person €274,00

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