June Special

The common tern (Sterna hirundo)

… is a long-distance, diurnal and nocturnal migrant

Measuring 34-37 cm in length, this bird breeds on the ground, and feeds of fish. It belongs to the tern family, and lives on lakes and streams. These birds head to Africa over the winter – from Morocco to Nigeria, and sometimes even further south. In summer, they are most commonly found in northern Germany or England, but also here in our neck of the woods.

Due to the lack of natural breeding areas, the common terns breed on artificial rafts in the Rhine Delta. With 250 pairs, the area is home to Austria’s largest breeding colony.

For birdwatching you’ll get free of charge binoculars from Swarovski!



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3 nights in a double room

Delicious buffet breakfast

1 wellness basket for hire, with bathrobe, slippers and towels

1 free hired bike (KTM)

Stand-Up paddling adventure with Surfmax Thursdays at 7pm (approx. 2 hours)

Stand-up paddling taster course at Surfmax Saturdays at 10am (approx. 2 hours) incl. SUP board & paddle, wetsuit, life vest (minimum age: 8 years)

1 homemade gift

Price per person €277,50